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  1. Thanks you Ezrok for doing this, it seems we are getting some views on it. I have now edited the post to its permanent form. Since making that recruitment post for our guild Last Call, I nor our officers have received any new signups on our discord or messages to the personal discords of the guild officers that are labeled on that post. Is there anyway we can get you to copy/paste the final form of our recruitment post onto the #guild-recruitment channel in discord? Unfortunately we only reach a smaller audience through the forums, it would really help to get a permanent post with our discord link directly on the Felmyst discord #guild-recruitment channel. There would be no maintenance required on the post, as recruitment needs change we can just tell people that join our discord individually. Thanks again for responsiveness and we will continue to push progression on Felmyst 3! P.S. I made sure the discord link on our forum post is a permanent link that never expires and no invite limit.
  2. <Last Call> is recruiting players that can play and raid during NA server time hours (EST) or late night EU (CET) hours. Current raid dates and times are being established, but our scheduled 25 man is for Fridays at 730 pm Server Time (EST), a 1-night and 4-hour raid. The target 25 man EU/NA flex raid date and time is Saturdays at 21:30 CET (3:30 pm Server Time EST). As more players join the guild and server, we will revisit the raid times and days to best accommodate all players. We have a solid core of geared and experienced players with 2.0 and previous Felmyst content and are looking to push progression for T5 content and beyond. Please feel free to join the discord using the link below, and check the current needs if you are rolling a new character on Felmyst and desire a raid spot. Discord / In-Game Character: cryptori / Cryptori (Level 70 Druid) geology / Forestry (Level 70 Druid) st3a1thninja / Unjustly (Level 70 Warrior) searcher / Searcher (Level 70 Druid) glaciusverglas / Quilitine (Level 70 Rogue) Last Call discord Current NEEDS for raiding: Priests - High (Holy) Paladins - Low Hunters - Medium Shamans - High (Restoration) Warlock - Medium Rogue - Low We are welcoming to any exceptional players wanting to join.
  3. Hello Gummy! Thank you for providing a home for us pre-nerf 2.0 loving TBC nutjobs. We recently split to form two guilds to give options to future players joining the server. With the discord channels being gone for very valid reasons that you and your team have explained, it has become increasingly harder to recruit new players. I noticed that there are a good 10-20 people that join the discord daily and if there was a #guild-recruitment channel in discord that both of the guilds could give you one post to frame there permanently, it would go a long way to giving new players information on who to contact for a guild invite. We would not need any permissions for this channel and it could be chat locked so no one could post, but just having something for people that join the discord to see that there are active guilds on the server would be hugely beneficial to Felmyst. Additionally, I have noticed a plethora of new players playing that do not see my in-game recruitment post. I believe this is because World chat is not enabled by default. Not everyone that joins the server knows to instinctively type "/join world" or "/join global" if they are new to the WoW Private Server community, so I think this small change could have a big effect on new players being able to see players typing/recruiting in World chat. My in-game name is Cryptori.