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Feedback please - made an addon - positioning/battle planning

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  • sometimes, especially when leveling up and when at lower levels, the game becomes so mind numbingly grindy (especially at 1x) it's much too easy to play absentmindendly and apply 0 strategy
  • this is especially true in terms of surroundings, accidentally aggroing multiple mobs is an instant death sentence when you're level 10
  • impatiently ignoring your survival odds, aggroing the next mob immediately after downing one when at like half HP and almost no mana/energy/rage/etc
  • rushing into combat in world PvP when it's not highly likely you'll win

and the punishment for all of these are couple-minutes-long corpse runs. I mean it's not 2005 but 2023, a number of us got jobs, families, responsibilities, and no (0 (in words: zero)) time nor patience for this. And precisely planning out strategies and plans doesn't come on its own after you're already spent from work/school/other.

So tooling could come handy, but there aren't many tools that assist in playing more carefully and methodically.


My goal with this is, for a start, to help my own situational awareness in moments where it might be a better idea to pull back - in a way this helps keep you alive for very long periods of time

and has proven to help react better when in danger.

First time I saw a League of Legends match was fascinating to me because not only are you trying to defeat the enemy but also keep yourself alive as well. WoW has a way of punishing you for dying but how to not die is all on you, so you gotta train for this.

The UX is terrible and Lua is interesting but it's my first time writing Lua or WoW addons for that matter so feedback and constructive criticism is more than welcome. What other stuff would work with this?

A consumable/buff tracking system?

Proximity to nearest friendly guard to help ward off gankers?

Proximity to nearest player group to avoid getting caught with your pants down during a battleground?


Addon is at

Screenshot (the text at the top):


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