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<Last Call> is recruiting!

<Last Call> is recruiting players that can play and raid during NA server time hours (EST) or late night EU (CET) hours. Current raid dates and times are being established, but our scheduled 25 man is for Fridays at 730 pm Server Time (EST), a 1-night and 4-hour raid. The target 25 man EU/NA flex raid date and time is Saturdays at 21:30 CET (3:30 pm Server Time EST). As more players join the guild and server, we will revisit the raid times and days to best accommodate all players. We have a solid core of geared and experienced players with 2.0 and previous Felmyst content and are looking to push progression for T5 content and beyond. Please feel free to join the discord using the link below, and check the current needs if you are rolling a new character on Felmyst and desire a raid spot.

Discord / In-Game Character:
cryptori / Cryptori (Level 70 Druid)
geology / Forestry (Level 70 Druid)
st3a1thninja / Unjustly (Level 70 Warrior)
searcher / Searcher (Level 70 Druid)
glaciusverglas / Quilitine (Level 70 Rogue)

Last Call discord

Current NEEDS for raiding:
Priests - High (Holy)
Paladins - Low
Hunters - Medium
Shamans - High (Restoration)
Warlock - Medium
Rogue - Low

We are welcoming to any exceptional players wanting to join.

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