The Burning Legion

In every world, in every future, the Burning Legion strode, invincible, unstoppable, dooming the universe to eternal darkness in its wake. Behind it all, he saw the looming demonic figures of its leaders: Archimonde—who was believed dead by so many—Kil’jaeden, and above all others, Sargeras the fallen titan, once sworn to guard the universe, now bent on destroying it.“—The demon hunter Vandel, glimpsing the nature of the Burning Legion in a vision


Development for Felmyst has spanned years behind closed doors and is designed to emulate a TBC Private Server up to retail standards. Using publicly available data, we have tackled the fundamental issues that remind players that they aren’t playing on official servers. Our software is the product of closed source development around clean professional programming standards. The goal of Felmyst is to produce a complete and satisfying World of Warcraft experience.

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